28/365 - January 28, 2012

Taken during Martín & Joey’s set. For some reason, the lights looked especially fiery that night. Zhubin’s ring of fire looked lively while Larkin Grimm’s lights seemed to trail behind her like they were presenting her to the crowd.

Not pictured: Me having a tiny freak out during Arrington de Dionyso’s set. I’ve never seen him perform before, and Kristen and Nina made it clear that it would be unlike anything I’ve experienced. At one point during his first piece, I was staring at him so hard that I felt like I couldn’t close my eyes. My left leg fell asleep, and it started to get tingly. I tried to move my foot around, and I kept nudging Kristen, but not actually feeling it happen. Then, my loafer fell off, which breaks every barefoot-in-public rule that I have (It’s just one rule: no bare feet in public, or ever if I can help it. I hate feet.), so I frantically tried to put my loafer back on, which sounds simple enough, but I couldn’t get it on, which freaked me out even more. The numbness kept me from noticing that I was missing my pinky toe every time I tried to put it on. Anyway, after probably kicking Kristen several more times and a lot of fidgeting, all was right with my left.

25/365 - January 25, 2012

The last time I watched The Truman Show was at least ten years ago. That sounds so far away, doesn’t it? That’s 3,650 days of memories to sift through. It didn’t strike me as much this time around. I did, however, cringe at the end when Truman reaches the end of the sky. It’s this really hopeless moment when one realizes that he has literally no control over his life, that he cannot escape even as he tries as hard as hell to leave, that being aware of what’s wrong isn’t enough and isn’t an end-all for shitty situations. Also, although the film ends the only way it can, it’s too perfect of an ending, too simple to be satisfying.

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